The internet has been in a media uproar after R&B  pretty Boi Bobby Valentino was caught with his “pants down”. No, this is not an expression. He was literally thrown onto front street after refusing to compensate a transgendered hooker he met on back page for a little down low and dirty sausage feasting. A gesture that did not go over well with the tired mouth Tranny who was determined to collect the pesos she was owed after what I assumed was a brick-hard day at the work place.

Bobby V did not deny the allegations … exactly. In dark and dreary response video , he reiterated how he had family who cared and lover him and that people were trying to propagate hate. But by using a moderately successful D Lister like Bobby? The video definitely left a lot of fans boggled as to what he was thinking. He did not even address the gay allegations which in my book was a very unwise decision. This is where a PR professional comes in handy.

The lesson here is clear. If you want to get freak nasty with a Tranny. and keep it on the lows-key, you might want to pay the tongue tired prostitute before she video tapes you holding your balls and running out of a hotel room, butt and booty-ball naked.

Just a thought.

Information has now surfaced that the alleged Sex Associate, Reima Houston actually has a background and mass communication and was networking with Bobby as a means to further her professional career. Besides being a D-List celebrity and now being able to re-launch his own music career, I’m not sure what help Bobby was going to provide.

The R&B wash out has now formally denied the claims and now he’s filing against saying she tried to extort him for $2,000. The court hearing is August 25, according to Fameolous, but reveals there’s more to the story.

For the full Reima Houston interview Click Below



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