That’s A Vibe

  Lets Start Vibing!!!!

So whose really a girls best friend? Diamonds? yes , receiving a diamond studded tennis bracelet will no doubt put a smile on any woman’s face temporarily. Glistening and shinning beautifully on your wrist? Blinding the peasant dying from poison seeping out of cubic zircon ins, ahhhhhhh …….Happiness right? WRONG? A girls best friend is her Vibrator. This angelic and utterly magnificent piece of ingenuity has the capability of providing any woman with true Happiness and joy. Without having to dryly direct novice love makers of the very unique methodology involve in maximizing the tantric love making of “you” , no other parties need to be involved in this explorations. You are the captain of your ship, you can hit every spot, every mother loving time. Choosing a vibrator is choosing love!!! It is also a great alternative to becoming a slore when you are not in a steady commitment, or strategically figuring out how to successfully bait or trap a man while experiencing delays. Tip*Try to use starvation as a method of slavery, without you having to give up your gushy magna cum lande and all the while remaining in optimal orgasmic ascendance.

Vibrators also are suitable for Single moms who do not date for sport. This handy little utopian stutter machine is capable of providing you with multiple orgasms, all without spending gas fare traversing to a F**ck boy’s house, or having to mentally deal with the agitation suffered from being in his presence and pretending to like him for the di”k.


The smaller the vibrator, the more powerful the blows. Vibrators can be purchased online anywhere. Make sure to pay a decent amount for your little lover. You would hate for your motor to blow before invoking the volcanic eruption of a life time.

Here’s a list of 2017’s best little earth shakers

                                  Happy Orgasms? A cherry stimulating conversation  



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