“Carpet Burns” FOR Bella Hardid, Dragging that A$$

Drake? My man? Please serenade these people with a hypnotizing melodic and make them stop the senseless dragging of your Bimbo Bae Bella Hardid. This week Supermodel Bella, has been buzzing in the media after giving  a rather robotic, and plastic sounding interview to Complex Magazine. Her awkward demonstration of “street” language was stomach turning as we watched her sloppily demonstrate how “urban” and “street” she could be. The key to successful product placement requires naturally injecting a Brands name in an authentic and unmanufactured, and organic type of way. Bella’s interview was more like an exorcism, she just kept spinning around uncontrollably, shouting out “homeboy” and “dope” over and over again. Maybe she was trying to tell the world she was tripping off some bad dope.

One person tweeted the video, writing: “Bella Hadid talks like an undercover cop.” The tweet, which now has 90,000 favourites, led others to discuss the clip, with Bella’s ‘homeboy’ comments quickly turning into a meme. One person joked: “If homeboy is coming through with the basic ability to hold a conversation and answer my texts homeboy is gonna like… get it,” while another added:

“Homeboy’s gonna like… get it’ is the greatest meme of 2017.” A third person wrote: “I can’t sleep cause all I keep thinking about is ‘homeboy is gonna like get it’ and my skin crawls every time.”

Since Bella celebrated her birthday on Monday, another fan joked:

“I hope my fresh homegirl Bella Hadid is having a dope birthday and her homeboys came thru with the right sneakers”

Silly Bella , you cant watch Menace to Society, use caution tape as a belt , and understand the culture. If you want a place here, you will have to earn it.

Footage from the video shows Bella looking at the trainers saying : “Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at, so if you’re going to have a dope shoe both guys and girls can wear, come on, matching shoes? That’s dope.”

Really Bella from around the way. How “dope” is it. Someone please help this girl. “Homeboy is gonna get it?” What the hell is she talking about. I really believe she had to be high galloping skyscrapers , high as empire state during this interview.

Drake is making a huge statement if he continues to smash this dodo bird after the world watch her peck her own arm live. 


        I wonder how dope she thought this article was? Till next time  Keep it Dingy.





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