MARIAH Carey Singer & Sexual Predator?

How Thirsty can you get? Mariah Carey a sexual Predator? “Shut the front door and shut the hell up? Mariah’s Ex-Security is suing for a little more than just non-payment
including sexual harassment, being a deadbeat and launching racially-charge tirades. I only think two of these are punishable by law. Come on now, we elected a racist to run our country.

According to TMZ, Michael Anello is the owner of a company that Mariah hired to guard her body from 2015-2017 and he appears to be ready to file a lawsuit against her. Anello claims that Mariah still owes him $221,329.51, in addition to another $511,000 because Mariah promised him an additional 2-year contract.

Anello also claims that Mariah had invited him to her Hotel Room one night. Upon arrival he realizes Mariah is wearing a sheer negligee and half-naked. When he attempts to leave she makes him move her luggage. I don’t believe wearing lingerie at night , in a hotel room, and instructing the hired help to move luggage she is too weak to move herself, constitutes sexual harassment, but I’ m no lawyer.
Carey’s Camp agree that they owe and are happy to pay their debts. They did not have a comment for the sexual allegations.

ARE YOU BUYING THIS STORY? IS MARIAH REALLY stiffing her help with the bill and throwing thirst buckets at the help? ITS A DINGY WORLD OUT THERE

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