Music That Destroys, “NO SLEEEP” for Homeowner

Its “Ms. Jackson” if your nasty…….and  if your named as an plaintiff on a suit. Apparently David Tate, a homeowner who leant Ms. Jackson’s production company , Zanmi Films, his precious home in July for her music video shoot “NO Sleeep”.

According to TMZ, Tate claims his house was so badly damaged that it was unlivable for 2 whole weeks. The court docs reports extensive damage to the walls and floors of the home caused by the camera crew. He also graciously claims that he had to move out of his home for a life-altering 14 days while the aesthetic repairs was being completed.


Can you believe the Cohunes of this guy? Don’t !!!!because if he had any there, tucked insides the purse of a fragile man. Aesthetic repairs, no matter how extensive does not affect the functionality of the house. The princess moved out because of a couple of scratches on the floor and some chipped paint?

Now he wants Janet to come up off those Rocafella to mend the situation. Tate’s asking for over a million dollars in damages. Unless the camera crew was wearing ice skates and sigwaying to catch frames….. I’m going to say that the estimate of damages is more loaded then a newly legal college girl passed out next to a night stand. And so is Ms. Jackson.

TMZ  reached out to Zanmi … but crickets thus far.

“What do you think” Are the damages Legitimate or is this guy oil Digging?

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