And the DRAKE Fans light the Beacons tonight! Meek is behind bars….Again.

According to Rap Radar, a Philadelphia judge politely ordered the rambunctious rapper to do a 2-4 year stint for violating probation. This all originated from Meek’s 2009 weapon and drug case. The Judge contends that Meek was in sheer violation of his probation when he was arrested on assault charges at a ST. Louis Airport. Not too shabby for the hot tempered Meek who was then again arrested for reckless driving in NYC in August. The reoccurring arrest was enough ammunition for the rapper to be reprimanded, despite both cases being dropped. Meek had violated his probation once before , a mere 5 months ago, and was slapped on the wrist with only 90 days of house arrest.



Its always cute to be “that guy” in the rap songs but I’m sure Meek isn’t feeling too happy about this one. I betcha Drake would have gotten off clean. Judge probably listening to “no new friend” while he certifying your slave papers. 

Good Luck Mr. Mill and Stay Tuned to More News from then Dingy Diamond.


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