TRAP Twinsies? Fetty Wap slathers his one eyed seed around

HMMMMMMmmmmm now where’s that snipping tool when you need it? Fetty Wap, father of 6 six kids, is a bout to level his numbers up  to a cool octave. Yes, he has not one, but two trap buns in the oven by two different women.  The first trap bundle is  with model Alexis Skyy, Sources confirm that the “Trap Queen” rapper is expecting a girl with the I nstagram model. But that’s not it…………………..


fetty baby2.PNG

He confirm that he is also expecting a boy with his current baby mama. and the other one, it sounds like he confirms is a boy in this radio clip. I think it may be time to “put that thang down”. Its not the greatest thing to have a squad of baby’ mama’s, not of whom which you ever wifed, or planned too. Every new love interest is a potential liability. If I were a rapper with a little fortune, I wouldn’t be risking my money and livelihood on every Instagram model with a fact ass and a pretty face. The market is flooded with them.

fetty baby3

But what do you think? Spread the Seed or TRIM THE FAT.





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