J. Crews should be ashamed of himself. According to Bossip .n African American model featured in one his shoots hair was looking like dry stick brush and tumble weed about to catch fire. The picture obviously show that no one bothered to touch up the model’s hair looked like her back region was about to start a stick brush fire any moment It was painful to see these images when all blacks girls know there is a world of edge control and Gorilla Snout while slick those unruly hairs down.


j crew


It is so painfully despicable, that NO One bothered to speak up and say, “well, I’m all for the ethnic natural woman, but her hair needs to be touched up”. Keep it 100 at all times. Regardless of what race you belong time, you know THIS what not right. Even when African-Americans are accepted , the remnants of inequality are still affecting us. No matter, I would have had to tell the producer that this look was not going to work out and we needed to brainstorm a new one. Never demean your brand for quick dollars. My Crescendo.


j crew 1


j crew3

On Sunday, J. Crew apologized on Twitter.

“J.Crew strives to represent every race, gender, and background,” the brand wrote. “We sincerely apologise for the styling of this model and the offence that was caused. We assure you that we are taking steps to address it, and to prevent this from happening again.”




You ain’t the only one? So what Yall think? Cute or Struggly?

Keeping it DINGY


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