The SECRET(s) out Victoria is Struggling!

Times have definitely changed and Victoria Secret will have to get with “it”or get left behind. Courtesy of CNN this sexy Retail chain has been known for its collection  of  lingerie, push up’s Bras, and any other under lining you wanted to use as a seduction sniper rifle. But now the secret is out…………..its okay Victor we still love you.

Women have entered a era where comfort beats style. Now we are opting to throw out that ratty old wired/padded boob torture contractions for a more light weight comfortable options.

In early 2016, Victoria’s Secret doubled down on sexy underwear. It pulled its swimsuit and apparel collections off the shelves, slashed promotional deals and stopped printing the Victoria’s Secret catalog.



“The company walked away from $400 million at the same time they changed their promotional appeal,” said Instinet analyst Simeon Siegel.

While Victoria’s Secret was in the middle of its reboot, a consumer shift took hold that opened the door for competitors: “Bralettes.”

Designed for comfort, bralettes are unconstructed bras without padding or underwire. They’re around half the price of Victoria’s Secret underwire bras, which run about $35.

When we think about Victoria Secret we think, premium lingerie, sexy push ups. Now they should think Everyday woman and make products that appeal to everyone of all shapes and sizes.



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