We live in an extremely free society and sometimes this can be a bad thing. When it come to sex, many of us have been prone to have multiples partners. There is a glamour politely glossed over having “bad bitches” or female(s) based on appearance as an premium brand of woman. Women have become commodities. To have a “BB” on your arm is a indication of wealth of fame. It doesn’t matters if this woman is ratchet and mentally barren, her shape, the size of he booty, is all the active currency she needs. On the other hand ,Women often chase guys who appear to be “ballers”  toting a bank roll, whips a sports car, and wears all the latest clothes. Sex is often used as a basis for superficial relationships.  You will be surprised by how many people who dealing with people whom they dislike but the sex is hot .But all these desires are empty.

Sex doesn’t actually fulfill us alone, and once we know this, we would be less prone to connect to others in this way.

Foundations are built on mutual, love, and respect. Self-love is the most under-rated entity. Self-love flowers patience, a person opting to be alone, or to be preserved rather than indulging in temporary satisfaction, sit-u-a-tionships , and connecting to people their, energy, and their baggage, Its universal flees without a warning.

my-body-is-a-templeIn actuality having multiple romantic relationships can be exhaustive of your energy. think of your love , attention, and money as an non-renewable natural resources. Every time you open yourself , whether physical, emotional, or material, we create a tie to that person. If attempting to walk a straight line , attempting to evolve into the person you know you were meant to be, may require untangling the loops of energy you intermingled in your auto-polite stage. It is beautiful to share love, but always be conscience of what actions affect all involved.

Your Body is indeed a temple , be careful of what you allow entrance to.


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