According to the Associate press the EX- NBA and married baller Ray ALLEN has been outed. Yes. Allen claiming that  he was indeed cat-fished a day after a man named Bryant Coleman accused, Allen of stalking him after meeting online.

Yes the information is pretty limited as this is breaking new, but I’m

According to the Court Docs

allen mo

So the silky ex-Celtic believed her was not communicating with one but “several women: through one account, and when he attempted to see this group of women n person , her realized it was a man and no longer pursued. With that one incident alone , Mr. Bryant was able to accused and substantiate a claim of stalking to the point where money had to temper the situation? 

I’m not buying this. Seems a little dingy to me, but here is the kicker. Allen is actually claiming that Bryant was actually the one doing the stocking.

allen 2

AP reports, Allen said Coleman threatened to expose the intimate details of their sexting conversations, and that the men eventually struck a deal to keep everything  tight lipped. Allen said that deal has been violated and that Coleman has continued to harass him and his family through several social-media accounts.

This is a peculiar  Mr. Allen. Well, now its out the bag..






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