The trickiest time for relation/situation-ships of the year. Go ahead take a stress nap. We will wait. “CUFFING SEASON” and the fuck boys are lying in bushes lurking with calculators, and  shoe catalogs, sniffing around for the SCENT. Oh no , they aren’t just looking for something quick and accessible to Tag. They know exactly where they can find that. There DM’s are filthier then you can imagine, there are probably more than 15 Bustdown’s within a  5 mile radius of them………..wherever they go. They are searching for ” a woman to cuff”, someone available for a small partnership, desperate enough to overlook his stagnation, lonely enough to need “somebody  to cuff this season.

And they are searching for Money sweethearts…………. these Refund Check Hexing “can I claim your kid” credit snatching Drones are trying to slip N Slide there way right into tax season like a Master Piece.


Cuffing Season creates the bloodlust of dollars, indulgence, perks, comforts. For three months an well into the Spring, a man will have somewhere descent and sanitary to kick it at,  familiar and hopefully disease-free hole to smash on access, free food, romantic date opportunity has doubled, b/c the season brings love out of us all , and he has just doubled his holiday celebration, now having you and your family on his plate. This ninja is already getting one of his Thot-Trots to take inches out his pants. Preparing for the oncoming feast he about to have with YOU and YOURS. These people have no shame. BEWARE LADIES. Beware.




A unacquainted Fukboi will want his Winter situation, to be in close in proximity to him. He does not want to spend money traveling to and fro to access his Cuff. No. No….. this is his time to GAIN. They are looking for Women who knows live close by are great contenders. Depending on his disposition, he will make sure to solidify his “place” in your life quickly during these months. He needs something familiar that he can trust, create a familiar-ness which makes him feel comfortable, which they love.

Despite the very distant behavior displayed during the Sundress Summer months, Fukbois may want real intimacy during this cold time of year. He wants to be privy to emotional closeness and of course sex can  makes anyone feel consolidated. Guys who were at first giving you the “I’m not ready speech” trying to lay rock and concrete the situation. THIS IS NOT LOVE.

At least not for you………..

Single people have always enjoyed the “single experience” until its 12:30 at night, desolate and dark, then the coldest type of emptiness creeps into a person. This is why  most Booty calls and hookups happened during the twilight hours, to ease the pain of being alone and at a stalemate, insubstantial and unattached, during a very enchanted part of the day. But I’m getting off base here. Although it is nice to have a holes to cuddle in during the very coldest months of the year they really just  blood hounding those dollars ladies. They attempting to solidify half-witted fuck-ships and situations to slide into the gift-giving seasons. The season of  celebration where food, wine, liquor become perks of association. Then they can swig-way themselves into Christmas holidays.

Now is the time, where we put down all the sewage-brass excuses and become quality inspector extraordinaire on all there so called “relationships we have been entertaining.

Lets keep is Gushy. You know when, and if a relationship is not going anywhere by August. The summer time showed you his true breeding habits, it tested his reliability, and his ability to remain consistent with you. So November is a milestone mark for relationship assessment.

We as women pretend we don’t see the things we know damn well we SEE. You know if the passion between you and your man had taken a nose dive to ninth hell, you know if he broke , but “Slang-o-les the Magnificent” in the bedroom, or if his finances got tremor disease, you know if that person lead the minute man march (JESUS!!!) Don’t settle because its getting colder. Stay strong and RICHER being alone, if that is what it takes to remain loyal to what you want.





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