Follow The Yellow Brick Road to “TRAP WONDALAND” A 2-CHAINZ SPECIAL

The “I’m different” Southern rapper is never shy about who he is and where he came from. Then  shocked us all with the pink TRAP HOUSE, and won over fans across America when he offered free HIV Testing on that very same parcel of land. Never judge a book by its cover , and underestimate one love for his community.


Intel from Bossip shows the Rapper is at it again. Now dusted with holiday cheer, 2-Chainz has whipped the beloved “TRAP HOUSE” into the spectacular “TRAP WONDALAND”. He made an announcement on his Instagram telling everyone to “bring there kids” to the deep rooted attraction.

2 chain 2

2-Chainz is such a philanthropist. There is something very profound about authentic people who give back , in their own way from the depths pf their hearts.


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