Will the circus ever end? Just when you think the last clown has exited the El Camino, one more colorful bastard hops out unshaved.

                                           *Ruin Alert*
Travis Scott has impregnated Kylie Jenner and officially doomed. I hope all the demonic references in his music was not for publicity, cause  it seems your about the meet the devil, in the flesh.


20-year old Kyle is reported to be carrying the spawn of Travis Scott according to TMZ. She was reported breaking the news to some close friends early September during the Day N Night Festival in Anaheim, California.

25-year-old Travis Scott has also been spilling the beads and has reportedly told his friends the good news .

Poor Travis must have been unaware of the generation curse of complete seed annihilation that occurs after dating a Kardashian. Regardless of how many improvements a persons make, I would be air hugging a Kardashian from the Hallelujah mountains in Pandora.

Stay tune for more updates during this tragedy.

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