STILL PEDDLING THE IGNORANCE The “White” Standard of Beauty

I will never forget my first perm. The experience one was accompanied by a stench of chemicals and a burning so hot, at times it felt cold. Most African American girls have had an average of 4-5 perms by the age of twelve. But I often wonder why we don’t just leave our little Princess’s hair natural? Is it not as beautiful, though coiled and curled, as the allure of straight thin hair? What do we not accept about ourselves that we must continue to be changed, altered, or re-aligned to fit into the narrowest ideas of beauty?

just for me



I don’t know. The little girl depicted on the “just for me ad”,  blushed and dolled up. Sporting the biggest hair her stylist could maintain under then hot lights of the camera bulb. They tried to make her appear older and more mature. I’m not agreeing with the vibe at all. I think “just for me” should be about products that are specially designed for the hair of young black girls. Instead is it especially design to exterminate the roots of this very specific caliber.

DIAMONDS what do you think? Comment below. If you know a beautiful natural Little Girl ? We Want to see her shine!!!!



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