Being Natural is all the new rave as we all choose to stop praising the world of “synthetic and enhanced” and started loving the natural and unadulterated. So What about wearing Make Up? Does this indulge mean that a woman is unable to accept her raw beauty in her most natural form, or is it a playful way to look positively radiant in special moments?

The truth is somewhere in between. Make up is a great way to finish any look, It accentuating facial features for exaggeration, creates color , and confidence.  With a range of products and brands for any color and skin tone, there is something special out there for everyone. Any self-aware woman can see the benefits of jazzy her look up and enhancing her most noticeable commodities.


Foundation                     IMAN

I personally have tried a lot of drugstore brands for a foundation, but have difficulty finding a foundation that closely matches my skin tone. I have medium dark skin with a pecan-colored undertone. This is the one brand I recommends for women of color.



I love 24K NUDES Eye shadow pallette from Maybelline. All there colors are shimmery and silky. This product makes my eyes pop. It recommend this. It retails for about $11.99, and can be found at any Walgreens, or CVS or online retailers.


Lips                                reteo matte

I have to mention the RETRO MATTE LIQUID COLOUR for MAC. This is an extraordinary lip gloss the will bring literally any dull pair of smoothers to full blown life. These slicks are attention -grabbers for sure. This pout making magic retails @ about 21.00.





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