NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers      #5 Blake Griffin   $29,512,900

According to the L.A. Clipper’s own BLAKE GRIFFIN is Big Banking those California dollars with an estimated salary of  29,512,900 a year. This year started pretty rocky for the Clippers who knew there chances of reaching championship glory were pretty much dead if Chris Paul Joined the Houston Rockets. Even worse, we all believed Blake would be leaving LA to join him. The rumors about the Baller going to Miami and Boston was also unsettling. But sometimes rumors are just that. The LA Clippers decided to re-sign the forward for a hefty paycheck. 

gordo   #4 Gordon Hayward $25,727,400 

Our next baller has recently broken hearts in Utah choosing to leave the Jazz to become a  Boston Celtic. He has been a heavily sought after small forward since he was drafted in 2010.

#3 Paul Milsap $31,269,261                                                            paul milsap

This 6′ foot 8 , 246 pound stone wall played the last four seasons with the Atlanta Hawks and was just floating around as a free agent. The Denver Nuggets wasted no time and signing Paul to a multi-year contract. With an average of 17.4 Pts., 3.3 assist, 1.67 steals , 8.3 rebounds, and 117 blocks over 297 games, Milsap is no doubt worth the big bucks.


#2 Lebron James $33,285,709


“All Hail King James” who is arguably the best basketball player in the history of the game. He is the third person in NBA history to make 30 million dollars in one season, joining the Greats of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Despite this , he was offered the second best contract in the NBA realm , but this does not short change the fact that this filthy wealthy player has made a whooping 600 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers since 2003, maintain endorsements with Nike, Samsung , and Kia, with unlimited earning ability and chance to swipe first place next year .


#1 STEPH CURRY $34,382,550

NBA: Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans

With the announcer uses the term “BALL HANDLING WIZARDRY” I immediately think about Steph Curry. He dominates the world of shooting, and has easily brought home two championships to Golden State. His massive contract came after years of banking a measly 11 million dollars a year. He has no doubt been recognized for all that he does now.

I never knew NBA players make so much money. No wonders women getting raised to tag down an Ball Player. Even getting a slice of this pie could feed generations.







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